The Audience Learning platform will help you deliver, manage, track and measure your online activities and enable you to expand your course offerings leading to improved performance and increased revenues for your organization. Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive solution and serve as a valuable partner and reliable team you can depend on to meet your organizational learning goals and objectives. Our product offers the following key elements that make it an industry leading learning management system solution:


Customization setup includes choice of colors, specific branding requests and layout. Learner UI modules can be customized for your business. High performance data management supports clients with over 300,000 learners and 50,000 learning elements. Enterprise clients can take advantage of built-in web site management and multi-tenant features to deploy any number of learner, employee, customer and channel partner portals.


The Audience Learning Platform ensures your security. We conduct regular internal audits and contract independent security specialists to protect our customers.


Our platform scales automatically to meet your demand with automated peak load management. You need a platform you can depend on regardless of the demand you generate for your learning initiatives and we deliver scalability you can count on for your mission.


Audience Learning offers the highest guaranteed uptime in the industry (99.9% guaranteed uptime) in our Service Level Agreement. We want you to be ready at all times to meet the demands of your audience and their learning goals.


Native Cloud means no versions, no upgrade, no downloads, and no migration. It all happens automatically, so less work, less to manage, and less downtime.

Audience Generation LMS offers learning management for education or corporate organizations and businesses specifically seeking the ability to easily author content, design complex learning initiatives and delivering content for the certification of learners. The system is highly customizable, scalable and offers a broad range of LMS features including mobile access.

The Audience Learning platform supports online courses, instructor led training, certification and compliance management, performance and quality improvement initiatives, and more. HTML5 content authoring, webinars, eCommerce and HRMS synchronization are fully integrated with our offering. WYSIWYG features enable your team to streamline the development and organization of learning content into categories and courses for different groups of learners and courses including registration for live activities and events. Resources such as videos, documents and web assets can be presented and tracked.

The Audience Learning platform is hosted off-site on a dedicated server and is Windows, iOS and mobile ready. Pricing based upon active learners and any necessary implementation or integration fees. Free demos and evaluation portals are available upon request.