Continuing Education and Corporate Training Learning Management System

The Audience Learning Platform is the future of learning management systems and offers a comprehensive solution that powers the educational and training programs of leading business organizations and professional associations. Audience Learning manages and delivers continuing education and training programs using a sophisticated continuing education management system and provides specialized technologies for unique learning delivery opportunities including performance and quality improvement initiatives. Audience Learning is more than just a learning management system and corporate training tool, our platform is also designed to accommodate the unique needs of accredited content and learners who must maintain licenses and/or certification. Our platform and strategic business approach can be summed up simply:

  • Flexible.
  • Customizable.
  • Grows with Your Organization.
  • Adapts to Your Specific Needs as They Arise.
  • Integrates with Your Existing Infrastructure.

Audience Generation’s learning management system provides budget-friendly, verifiable and expert online training. The technology and expertise in our online learning systems make it easy to administer, deliver, track and measure training, as well as confirm results and verify outcomes.

The Audience Generation LMS offers learning management for education and corporate organizations and associations specifically seeking the ability to easily author content, design complex learning initiatives and deliver content for the certification of learners. The system is highly customizable, scalable and offers a broad range of LMS features including mobile access.